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Delhi, Delhi

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Company Profile

The company was established by Mr. Dinesh Verma in the year 2002.

He started his career in computers. His keen interest in the business of education led him to take very early retirement and started his own publishing house to provide quality help books for the distance learners especially for the students of IGNOU. He specialized in the production of books in different courses.

He established a company in the name of GULLYBABA PUBLISHING HOUSE & LATER REGISTERED AS GULLYBABA PUBLISHING HOUSE (P) LIMITED, which has been widely acclaimed as a publisher of repute right from its inception. Gradually, this business house started providing help books for MCA, BCA, MA, BA, MBA, B.Com., M.Com., B.Sc., BTS, MTM, BJMC, B.Lib., M.Lib., BSW, MSW, MARD, B.Ed., M.Ed., DNHE, CTE students to guide the future generation of the country in the best possible manner. Many of these books are also published in Hindi language. GULLYBABA also started publishing entrance books for B.Ed., M.Ed., and MBA degree. His main desire was that the books should be produced in the best possible manner. This way he has contributed immensely to the promotion of quality publishing for IGNOU and other universities learners. The GULLYBABA publishes books of other types like self-help(motivational/inspirational/spiritual), poems, customized publishing for universities / institutions, study material development and much acclaimed “enhance your child” series of books for parents.

Branch Office:-

1A/2A, 20 Hari Sadan, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi
Phone : +91-011-23289034

Our following Books have been selected by National Book Trust (India) for CAPE Town International Book Fair, 2012 held at South Africa: 1. I Want My Child’s Success in School
2. Discover Simple, Super Effective Ways to Make Your Child a Reader
3. Who Wants to Teach Their Child History?
4. IGNITE Your Child’s Math Learning
5. Today’s Power of Indian Women
6. Recipe for Stress-free Home Work